Endorsements for my Campaign


I think it's important to have endorsements from state and community leaders. I also think it's important to have the backing of the great "everyday" people that make up my district. I'm looking forward to earning every endorsement I can.

"I appreciate Steve's business experience and his potential to bring his expertise to the legislature."

Doug DeFries - President, Bank of Utah

"I have known Steve for many years. He is a man of great ability and integrity. He has great people and relationship building skills, and is a problem solver. He would serve our community extremely well." 

John Lund - President & CEO, America First Credit Union

"I believe him to be trustworthy. I think he would always try to do the right thing."

Kelly Gerritsen - Weber County Citizen

More endorsements for Steve:

  • Greg Graves

  • Troy Haun: Steve is a good example of someone who can make good judgements.

  • Blake and Jana Wahlen: Steve has the ability to work with others to get things accomplished. He's willing to set his own agenda aside and look at what's best for others.

  • Tami Satterthwaite: He is good guy with balanced ideas.

  • Bowen Satterthwaite: He has been a great leader in my life, always kind and willing to help.

  • Taylor Satterthwaite: Steve has great vision and is community minded.

  • Michael Rhodes: Steve understands the law.

  • Larisa Harris: Steve will accomplish great things.

  • Alan Wheelwright: Steve represents my values.

  • Bill White

  • Cindy Purcell: With his vast knowledge of real estate, I think that Steve would a great representative for our area.

  • Chris Phipps

  • Josh Pack

  • Layne Christensen: I have know Steve on a professional basis as well as personal and I find him to be a genuine, responsible individual that would represent my interests well.

  • Dan & Darla VanZeben: Steve is capable, thoughtful, intelligent, open, responsible, and committed. He's a pragmatic problem-solver - just what we need at the Utah legislature!

  • Doug Nielsen: Steve is an honest, hard working and trusty person. He is a man of integrity. I believe he has my family and communities best interests at heart! Without a doubt I support him!

  • Jami Taylor: Steve Waldrip and I serve on the Ogden Valley Planning Commission together. He has an incredible ability to see both the larger picture and the details needed to achieve it. He also shows great interest in the concerns of Ogden Valley residents and focuses on those when making decisions.

  • Shane Martin: Steve is a top notch, articulate and trustworthy individual! He understands the community and people at a grass roots level. There is no question that Steve will work hard to make sure the people are served and issues in the community are handled appropriately!

  • Scott Parkinson: Steve is a thoughtful, clear thinker. He is empathetic to those in need, yet understands and supports the needs of legitimate businesses. He is willing to take a fresh point of view.

  • Amy Crookston: Steve is honest and has true concern for the community.

  • Ben Peterson: I believe Steve to be an honest, hardworking, concerned citizen and know he will serve us well.

  • Wendy Noel

  • Chad Mckay: Steve is a good man.

  • Scott Murri: Steve has the business and educational background to be able to serve, but more importantly he does not have any special interests to serve other than the taxpayers he represents

  • Cynthia Murri: I believe he is an honest, hard working and level-headed person.

  • Mertlich Julie: He can explain matters clearly and understandably.

  • Jon Bingham

  • Bruce jardine: He has integrity, genuineness in intent, strong work ethic and conducts himself in a professional manner.

  • Caitlin Gochnour: Steve is a bright, thoughtful, down-to-earth guy who is passionate about making his community a better place. He is open to listening, understanding and learning about people and issues. I would be honored to call him my State Representative!

  • Jim Truett: Steve is in front of many good things that happen in the Ogden Valley.

  • Eric Storey: Steve is a great person who understands what we need from government.

  • Shawn Durrant: Steve has integrity and a willingness to serve the greater good.

Elected Officials:

“As I consider my legacy in House District 8, I’m proud to endorse Steve Waldrip. He is a man of amazing character and qualifications. Steve is right on the issues and right for our community!” 

Rep. Gage Froerer, Utah House District 8

“We support Steve Waldrip for Utah House District 8. Steve knows the issues and is a committed Republican who will fight for you. He has the skills and tenacity to take on difficult issues and the experience to solve them. Most importantly, Steve cares about our community. He is focused on consensus building. He will work hard to represent the values important to all of us. We urge you to join us in supporting Steve Waldrip.”

Senator Alan Christensen
Senator Ann Millner
Representative Lee Perry
Representative Kelly Miles
Representative Justin Fawson
Mayor Mike Caldwell


"I endorse Steve Waldrip for Utah House District 8. He is committed to our community and to the values that make our community great. He is a committed Republican and will be a strong voice at the state capitol while advocating in our behalf. I hope you can join me in supporting him and his candidacy."

Representative Jeremy Peterson

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