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I'm Steve Waldrip.

For more than 18 years I've helped to build Weber County as a community and business leader. During that time, I've come to know and love this wonderful and important area in our state. I've gotten to know the families, the businesses, and the elected officials. I know this area's needs and I've helped plan for them. That's why I'm running to be your representative in the Utah State Legislature.

On my website, you'll find my platforms and vision for the future. You'll see where I stand on difficult issues. You should know, above all, as your state legislator, I will put you first. 

Gage Froerer Endorses Steve Waldrip

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“As I consider my legacy in House District 8, I’m proud to endorse Steve Waldrip. He is a man of amazing character and qualifications. Steve is right on the issues and right for our community!” 

Rep. Gage Froerer, Utah House District 8

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"I appreciate Steve's business experience and his potential to bring his expertise to the legislature."

Doug DeFries

President, Bank of Utah


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Why I'm Running

Professionally, I’ve worked in law, taxation, economic development, real estate acquisition, leasing and development, and service on both business and community-based boards. This background gives me a unique opportunity to apply those lessons to the challenges that confront our community and state today.

On a more personal level, I believe that we have a duty to ourselves, our neighbors, and our children to leave them with a community that is better than ours today. That is the task that I will undertake as your representative in the Utah State Legislature. 



Years Building Weber County

My career has been dedicated to the development of Weber County. I intimately know this area's people and needs.


Community Boards

I sit on several community boards. These organizations give me a pulse on the community. They have worthwhile missions.


Shot Accuracy for BYU

I played in one game for BYU's  varsity basketball team. I took one shot and it went in.

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Join the Campaign

Every campaign is only as strong as its team. I've got a great team behind me, but we're always looking for fresh faces and ideas. If you'd like to get involved, we'd love to have you. Below you'll find some ways that you can get involved. 


Volunteer Opportunities

We'll need help knocking doors, placing signs, and sharing posts on social media. 

Yard Signs

We're still getting our yard signs ready, but if you want one, let us know. We'll make sure and get you one.

Make a Donation

Would you be willing to make a donation to the campaign? Follow the link.